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Paideia Computing Experience

Focused Development

Our courses provide different pathways according to student interest and development. We have a strong culture of nurturing students taking them from being a technological novice to being fully competent in creating their own projects to even taking part in competitions.

Hands-on Learning

To ensure our students understand the relevance of what they are learning, our courses adopt a problem based learning approach where students need to create solutions using what they learn.

Progressive Courses

Our courses are designed to guide our students through the different stages of computer programming to ensure they understand the fundamentals before being exposed them to more complex concepts.

Why Paideia Computing

Our key strength lies in the development of individual student. Our courses take a student from novice to competent technologist both comfortable in coding and creating projects. With a focus on 21st century competencies like creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, our programmes adopt a self-directed and problem based learning.

All students who attend our workshops will need to develop a project on their own. Students will go through a process of ideation, refinement and finally execution. This process has shown to enhance students' ability to integrate what they learn and as well as boost their confidence when they are given opportunity to exercise their creativity and independence.

Our students have shown high level of competencies after our workshops as highlighted in our Students' App Gallery. Our students have also participated in Ace of Coders, National Coding Championships as well National Olympiad in Informatics.

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Computing Students Competition Highlights

Ace of Coders is a Python programming based competition. Paideia computing students were encouraged to participate. All students from the Primary school category were from Paideia. For the Secondary school students, our students from SCGS achieved 4th placing in National Coding Championships 2019!

Junior Tech Programmes

Junior Tech Programmes are designed to spark students' interest in computing. We can help develop this interest into practical projects with our wide range of courses.

* There is a bring a friend discount for all our computing courses. Bring a friend allows you and your friend to enjoy a $35 discount for any courses.

Games Programming with Scratch

Recommended for ages 7-10

Scratch is a program developed by MIT to impart programming skills to young children and provides a great stepping stone to move into the more advanced world of computer programming. Scratch allows children to stretch their minds and challenge themselves as they develop fun games and animations via a colourful and easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Let your child's imagination take flight with our Scratch programming course!

Programme Schedule

Date & Time Duration Max Class Size Fees
3-6 Sep
4 Sessions
8 $320
(8hr workshop)

Roblox: Model & Code

Recommended for ages 11-14

Roblox is a 3D world where kids are allow to unleash their creativity, imagination through playing and creating their own experiences. They can build their own places and items placing them in the roles of designers and builders.

In this workshop, other than modelling, students will learn the basics of games programming and be on their way to publishing their first Roblox game!

Build buildings,cars and your own 3D game using virtual Lego!

Programme Schedule

Date & Time Duration Max Class Size Fees
3-7 Sep
5 Sessions
5 $400
(8hr workshop)

Mobile Apps Development with App Inventor

Recommended for ages 11-13

Do you have a great idea for an app? Learn how to make your own app! Learn to use App Inventor 2 and let your creative juices flow! App Inventor 2 is the latest mobile development tool designed for beginners by MIT. There is no better platform to start your mobile apps development journey. Have fun inventing new apps and games!

Come join us and invent your own apps and games!

Check out our student apps gallery!

Programme Schedule

Date & Time Duration Max Class Size Fees
3-5 Sep
3 Sessions
5 $480
(12hr workshop)

Intermediate Tech Programmes

Intermediate Tech Courses are for students or learners who who are sure of their interest and wants to explore deeper in technology. These courses are a foundation for more complex development or use of technology in different areas or projects. For intermediate courses, we introduce our Python stack where courses are modular and progressive. Learn what you need or go full stack and hone your programming capabilities.

Introduction to Programming with Python

Recommended for ages 14 & above

Be exposed to Python programming in one course! This workshop is suitable for anyone who is considering to start learning programming or feels understanding programming will help in his or her work.

This workshop is also suitable for school students who sees the advantages of understanding how to program. Through this session, you can decide if you want to dive deeper into this field. For adult learners, who realised that knowing programming is a prerequisite for further learning or career development, this is the course you need. This is an 8 hour workshop. This course is claimable under Skillsfuture.

Step into the world of programming with this workshop!

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Programme Schedule

Computational Thinking with Python

Recommended for ages 14 & above

Be introduced to computational thinking & problem solving! Computational thinking and solving problems can be applied in a wide range of contexts, not only in the field of computer science. Python will be used to examine and explore a series of real-world problems, and discover the computational techniques that can be utilised to solve them.

Join us and learn how to integrate the power of human thinking with the capabilities of computers!

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Advanced Tech Programmes

Advanced Tech Programmes are for learners who have a passion for computing. The courses are more rigorous, but will ensure a high level of satisfaction as you are stretched further in the creation of more complex applications.

Front End Web Development with JavaScript

Recommended for ages 16 & above

Ever wanted to create your own web page? Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, this module will empower you to do just that and more. Students will be taught how to develop sample applications before being guided in the development of their own. This course is great for anyone who wants a good understanding of the web especially most modern technology is built on top of web. This course is claimable under Skillsfuture.

Let your ideas come to life with front end web development!

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Customised Corporate Tech Programmes

Every organisation or school has different training needs. We are happy to customised or even create new tech programmes to meet the requirements or your organisation or school.

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