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Direct School Admission Preparation

DSA Preparation Programme is specially developed and delivered by Mrs Jacqueline Chua, former Raffles Institution Head of Department (Character and Leadership Education) and Board Member of the RI DSA Selection Panel (2005 – 2014).

Head for the experts who know the system and understand what schools are looking out for.

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* Sign up for Programmes A + B and get a $50 discount.
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DSA Talk


    If you're a parent that is already considering the DSA route for your child, or want to know how you can help your child in the selection process -
    Join me for a free DSA Briefing Session where I'll be sharing my insights.

Programme Details

  • 1.5 hours programme
  • Small group size – maximum of 10 families

Programme Schedule
Choose one of the following timings:

1 12 May 7pm-8.30pm
2 19 May 7pm-8.30pm

A. Ace the Interview!

What you will learn

  • Expectations of the DSA Interview
  • Interview Skills
  • Experience a Mock DSA Interview with Digital Video Recording
  • Working in a Team - Situational Games
  • Thinking Critically on the Spot
  • Conversing with Confidence
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • 1:1 Conference with Parents [30min] with Mrs Jacqueline Chua

Programme Details

  • 3-day programme (9 hours)
  • Exclusive 1:1 conversation with individual student's parents
  • Small group size – maximum of 6 only

Programme Schedule
Choose one of the following timings:

1 30 May - 1 June*Full 1pm-4pm
2 1-3 June*Full 1pm-4pm
3 6-8 June*Full 9am-12pm
4 8-10 June*Full 1pm-4pm
5 13-15 June *Full 1pm-4pm
6 15-17 June*Full 9am-12pm
7 15-17 June*Full 1pm-4pm
8 20-22 June *Full 9am-12pm
9 20-22 June*Limited Seats 1pm-4pm
10 22-24 June *Full 1pm-4pm

Fees: $580*

B. GAT/ HAST Guidance

What you will learn

  • How to approach questions
  • Decoding questions
  • Theory and principles of squencing
  • Practice questions and explanation

Programme Details

  • 2-day programme (6 hours)
  • Small group size – maximum of 12 only

Programme Schedule
Choose one of the following timings:

1 20-21 May Sat, Sun 500pm-800pm
2 27-28 May Sat, Sun 500pm-800pm
3 3-4 June Sat, Sun 1000am-100pm
4 3-4 June Sat, Sun 500pm-800pm
5 10-11 June Sat, Sun 1000am-100pm
6 17-18 June Sat, Sun 1000am-100pm

Fees: $360*

Reviews for GAT/ HAST Guidance
We value our students' privacy so they are not named in our reviews.

C. Portfolio Builder

Build your portfolio with the necessary materials and a guiding hand.

What we will help you with

  • Feedback on the completed portfolio
  • Feedback on the cover letter

Materials that will be provided

  • 20 x colour photocopy
  • 1 x 40-page clear file

Free usage of digital scanner

  • Please bring along a USB drive to download your scanned images.

Programme Details

  • 2 hour session
  • Maximum 6 sets of parents

Please contact us to fix an appointment.

Fees: $65