Tremendous Improvement in my Chemistry

I was a student known for bad grades in chemistry in upper secondary. I have never passed chemistry and would always find it a chore to study for chemistry. However, after joining Paideia in my graduating year, I saw a tremendous improvement in my chemistry grades.

Chemistry classes were not only effective, they were also enjoyable and I started to find chemistry fun. Teachers at Paideia are very dedicated and would constantly make sure that our doubts have been clarified. Before attending classes at Paideia, I was always scoring at most an E8 for my Chemistry. However after attending lessons there, I managed to improve from E8 to B4. The lessons have definitely made an impact on my results and I was more confident in tackling Chemistry as a subject.

- Tammi
Sec 4 Chemistry O Level 2017

Clinched an A1

When I first entered Paideia in March 2016, I scored an F9 for my core geography. Within a month, I managed to score a C5 at Mid Years. Though I was always borderline passing till prelims, Mrs Chua's guidance and care helped me clinch an A1 during my O Levels. Her care and dedication was extremely admirable and she never gave up on me. She would find different ways and means to help each and every student, base don his/her learning style. Paideia has definitely helped me to improve and grow, not only academically wise, but also character wise. I strongly recommend students in need of help to attend Paideia's lessons, it will definitely help you succeed!

- Sonya Tan
Sec 4 Geography O Level 2017

Distinctions for both A Math and Physics!

There's no way I was a genius when I first signed up at Paideia. My grades were horrendous! With a D7 in A Maths and a C5 for Physics at Prelims, I was starting to doubt myself. Can I actually do well for Os? With the constant guidance and patience of the teachers at Paideia, I managed to score distinctions for both A Math and Physics! I guess it wasn't the end for me after all. I even liked Physics as a subject after attending classes at Paideia. By injecting humour into our lessons while ensuring work get done, the teachers helped me get that much coveted A. With a very positive classroom learning environment and great teachers, it is no wonder I improved so much!

- Yap An-Yi
Sec 4 Math, Physics O Level 2017

Improvement in both my Chemistry and Physics grades

Before I joined Paideia, I have never gotten more than a C5 for Chemistry and B4 for Physics. However, the teachers at Paideia managed to help me raise my Chemistry and Physics grades from a C5 to a B3 and from a B4 to an A2 for my O Level within 9 months!

- Isaac Ang
Sec 4 Chemistry, Physics O Level 2017

A teacher who believes so much in her students

Dear Mrs Chua, Never has there ever been a teacher who believes so much in her students, whose infectious passion knows no boundaries, who can never take “no” and nothing less than a “yes” for an answer. One and a quarter years of learning just wouldn’t have been the same without you.

- Chung Yi See

MUST BE someone really special

Hi Mrs Jacqueline Chua, I’m Connie, Jovan’s mom from sec 1D! I understand from Jovan that you are leaving the school. That's a big loss to RI! I may not be in the school long enough but for a teacher to get my rascal’s attention MUST BE someone really special and dedicated enough! I have heard a lot about you from Jovan! He is always telling me about what you did with the class and how you made the lessons so interesting! The boys will miss having you around to guide them ever so patiently and here is wishing you all the best for your next journey!

- Connie
Mum – Jovan – Class 1D 2015

Hilarious jokes and scary charisma

Dear Mrs Chua, Thank you for always spicing up your lessons with hilarious jokes and scary charisma. You have done a wonderful job in helping our class understand many things and getting used to the subject. I am very grateful for that. Thanks!

- Axell Ong
1E 2014

Sparked my passion for programming

Mr. Li is an excellent teacher who sparked my passion for programming. I first started learning programming under his guidance when I was in Sec 2. He taught me through all the difficulties of functions, loops and OOP and I was proficient enough to program an entire game by myself at the end of the year. Since then I have been able to program entire applications and even a website. Mr. Li sparked my passion for programming and taught me how to navigate the technology a filled world of today

- Wu Guanqun
Techinasia Hackrathon 2nd runner-up, AppHack Top 3 placing

Extremely helpful and effective teacher

Mr Li is an extremely helpful and effective teacher. He is always happy to help students out when they face difficulties and his focus on a practical approach to programming, rather than a theoretical one, allows us to quickly learn new technologies and harness them to build useful applications! He is also very passionate about computing and always manages to keep pace with the rapid progress in the field in order to ensure that his lessons are not out of date.

- Neil Dhar
Techinasia Hackrathon 2nd runner-up, AppHack Top 3 placing

Encouraged me to pursue my interest in computing

Mr Li was my Computer Science teacher in year 1. He is a teacher passionate about his work, and encouraged me to pursue my interest in computing. More than a teacher, to many of us, he has been a dedicated mentor. Under his tutelage, we had numerous opportunities to learn about the tech industry, through events such as hackathons. As a result, I have learnt a lot about web development as well as creating android applications, which are 21st century skills that I am sure will stand me well in good stead in the future.

- Feng Jiahai
Gold Medalist, International Olympaid In Informatics 2014

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