Computational Thinking with Python

Learners will advance to more complex programming concepts using Python. This course will focus on integrating the different programming skills to solve computational problems. Learners will also see how programming can be used to solve many real world problems.


  • Integrating Conditions and Functions
  • Problem Solving with loops
  • Understanding Strings and Lists in Python
  • Using List and String Operations
  • Creating List Functions
  • Using Dictionaries in Python
  • Implementing Loops and Dictionaries Operations
  • File Processing with Python
  • Organising file data using Python
  • Understanding Object Oriented Programming
  • Creating Classes and Instances
  • Using JSON in Python
  • Creating a text-based Python game

Who Is It For

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to explore further into the world of programming. You will learn the intermediate concepts in a friendly and non-intimidating environment.

  • who has completed Introduction to Python.
  • Post Secondary school students who wants to learn to program.
  • Post O and A Level students who wants to make use of the holidays to explore technology.
  • Adults learners who need to attend a course that requires good knowledge of Python.
  • Adults learners who are considering a career in the tech industry.
  • Adults learners who are in a non-tech role in the tech industry but wants to understand more.

The Learning Experience

Our maximum class size is 8 and we provide laptops. Be prepared to do many hands-on assignments as the focus is on practical implementations.

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