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We provide a full range of education services, from tuition to computing to enrichment.

Introduction to Paideia Learning Academy

Our Beliefs

Global Awareness

Young people live in an increasingly interconnected world - national boundaries are blurred, and opportunities favour those who embrace it as competent global citizens thoroughly engaged with the global network, and yet having a heart for home. We believe in preparing our students for this exciting modern world.

Growing Each Student

We believe that each student’s unique individual strengths and improvement areas deserve to be identified and developed. Our goal is capitalise on each student’s potential and nurture it to blossom.

Our holistic view of education will equip students with life skills that will see them blossom beyond the confines of the classroom and ultimately become ready to face the challenges of the real world.

Meet Our Team

Be prepared to be challenged intellectually and look beyond to the possibilities.

We take pride in crafting our lessons and providing only the best tutors for our students. Our team includes former subject and department heads from the top schools in Singapore and our team are all recognized experts in their fields and know what it takes to bring out the best as well as push the boundaries.

Our philosophy is to meet the student at where he or she is at and journey with them to the next level and beyond. With a strong background in differentiation, our dedicated team provides customised sessions to meet the needs of our students, unpacking what has been learnt in school, making sense of the learning in a simple way as well as guiding the students to new horizons.



Mrs Jacqueline Chua is a former Head of Department with more than 15 years of experience in Raffles Institution (RI).

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