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Mrs Jacqueline Chua is a former Head of Department with more than 15 years of experience in Raffles Institution (RI).

Mrs Jacqueline Chua [B. A. (Hons), Post Graduate Dip (Ed), M. A.]

Mrs Jacqueline Chua is a former Head of Department with more than 15 years of experience in Raffles Institution (RI).

She was the Head of Department of the school's Character and Leadership Education department from 2006 - 2012, and saw to the development of frameworks and structures as well as numerous the character programmes and curriculum to ensure that the school brought out the best in every student, all the while maintaining a strong foothold in the academic demands of the school. She was also chosen to be on the original team that conceptualised and developed the curriculum for the Integrated Programme at Raffles Institution.

She later went on to head the Raffles Teacher Academy in Experimental Education and Research. The Raffles Teacher Academy is an arm of the school that looks towards the training and development of its teaching team. In that capacity, she saw to the training and development of cutting edge pedagogical approaches the school embarked on.

Mrs Chua has taught the length and breadth of the school. Versatile in her teaching and able to motivate students to do their best, she was selected in 2011 to develop a new differentiated curriculum to meet the needs for the Direct Schools Admission (DSA) students in RI.

An outstanding educator, she was selected to teach at the Raffles Academy for Geography. The Raffles Academy is a distinct branch of RI that handpicks only the top 5% of students based not only on their academic performance, but on aptitude, attitude and passion in their chosen field. As a testament to her ability, she was the teacher-mentor of the RI team that won the 2015 National University of Singapore Geography Challenge, a national competition that saw participation from over 140 schools in Singapore. In addition, she brought her students to take part in international competitions such as the 2014 IDEERS competition in Taiwan where the team from RI emerged within the top 10 in a field of stellar competitors.

For the past 10 years, she was also a member of the RI DSA selection panel and was responsible for interviewing, assessing and selecting DSA candidates.

Recognised for her teaching ability, she was chosen by RI to be attached to the National Institute of Education (NIE) where she spent 7 months training both new and experienced teachers in effective pedagogy.

She had also received an award from NIE in 2006 at the Management and Leadership Schools course.

Mrs Chua believes that every child has the potential to succeed given the right mix of coaching and challenge, and brings to Paideia Learning Academy a wealth of experience to impact students beyond just the walls of Raffles Institution.



A passion for technology is what Mr Li has. He has been teaching programming in Raffles Institution (RI) since 2009, before it was cool to code.

A passion for technology and computer science is what Mr Li has. He has been teaching programming in Raffles Institution (RI) since 2009, before it was cool to code. The landscape of computing has changed dramatically over the last 5 years and it will continue to make big step changes as the horizon continues to develop and grow.

Mr Li understood the changes and importance of learning technologies that are relevant and are used by tech startups. He was responsible for the revamping and re-conceptualizing of Raffles Institution's Computer Elective Programme from 2010 onwards. He designed a progressive system where each module was intended to meticulously scaffold students to build their skill set. He introduced Games development modules and Apps development modules to make learning fun and relevant for the students. His main objective was to empower students with the ability to create solutions to real world problems through the use of the programming technology skills that they have acquired in their lessons.

He has been integral in encouraging his students to go beyond just theoretical learning in a computer lab. He inspired his students to participate in Hackathons as he believed such competitions provide the right mix of volatility and uncertainty to bring out the best in the students. As they were competing against working professionals and university students, he leads by example and teams up with his students. Working side by side with his students both as peer and mentor, they achieved numerous successes such as Angelhack 2013(Finalists), Apphack 2013 (Top 3), Startup Asia Hackathon 2014 and Hackatron 2014 (1st and 2nd runner-up).

Mr Li is himself a practitioner and has developed apps, such as a personal assistant for teachers, which can is now archived here. He also blogs about his programming experiences at http://codenoisseur.com.

He was also a finalist in Seedstarsworld Singapore 2014, a global startup competition.

Our Tutors Mentors

Our tutors are handpicked and selected. We only offer a class if we can be assured that the tutor mentor helming it is someone we would trust our own children’s education with.

Founded by a team from Raffles Institution (RI), and made up of both Heads of Departments and teachers, we believe that good education should not be limited to a few, but should be shared with the many.

Besides the content, stretching and tune up that you will receive, we monitor each student’s progress on a termly basis. We are not just interested in getting the weekly classes done, but believe that the small group sizes afford excellent interaction and intellectual sparring opportunities that should be coupled with the much needed monitoring and feedback that is missing in schools due to the sheer size of the classes. To us, it’s not just about that A grade, but the personal best from every single child.

We believe that whatever level you are at, you can always achieve just a little more.



Mr Teo Joong Jiat is a former Assistant Head of Department of Chemistry in Raffles Institution (RI).

His teaching experience includes both O-level Chemistry and IP Chemistry. He has been teaching for 11 years and is familiar with both the O-level syllabus as well as the examination questions and answering techniques to score well. Besides content knowledge, he also imparts critical thinking skills and learning skills in gifted education.



Mr Amir was a former student from Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College and specializes in teaching Secondary Maths and Science for both the Express and IP streams. His ability in breaking down and delivering complex key concepts for easier understanding has  been  well received by his students. 
Highly passionate in the holistic development of his students, Amir is one of Paideia's tutors who has helped more than 75% of his students achieve A grades in their subjects.



Gabriel is our resident IB Chemistry and Physics specialist. Formerly teaching in a school offering IB, he has helped many students achieve and exceeded their goals for their subjects offered. Being fluent in both syllabi, he continues to be highly sought after for his effective and concise delivery of content and concepts.



Dr Mary Delfin Pereira has over 15 years of experience in education, as a teacher, teacher educator and researcher. She was an Assistant Professor at the NIE, Singapore from 2007 to 2010 after gaining valuable experience as an English and Literature teacher in Singapore, where she taught at Raffles Institution and Jurong Institute, and as a Language Arts teacher in middle and high schools in the United States.

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