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Student Apps and Games Gallery

This gallery showcases the apps and games created by students who attend our computing classes. Some of the apps or games may not be complete but it demonstrates the possibilities for students who can leverage on their new-found skills!

2 Player Platformer

Created By: Tristan Poh Age: 9

This is a 2 player platformer personal project created by Tristan. He created this game based on what he learnt in Games Development with Scratch. The objective is to collect the star first and each player can actually disrupt the other player by shooting each other.

Controls for player 1 are: A key - move left, D key - move right, W key - jump, spacebar - shoot

Controls for player 2 are: left arrow key - move left, right arrow key - move right, up arrow key - jump, 0 key - shoot

Spelling App

Created By: Loh Pin Hua Age: 11

This App is designed for parents to adminster spelling practice for their kids. Parents can add the words they want and the kids can do the practice. The app will read out words in the list and the kid has to spell out the word within 20 seconds! At the end of the test, there is a results page to show how well the kid has done.

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Tennis Scoring App

Created By: Lucinda Lee Age: 13

Lucinda is a tennis player and keeping score for tennis is complicated! She created an app to count score for tennis games.

Food Diary App

Created By: Austin Sim Age: 12

This App is for user to log his favourite eating place! The user can add an eating place for future decision making on what to eat. This app can be used especially in a group when nobody can decide what to eat.

Tilt Game App

Created By: Henrique Age: 12

This is a game that makes use of the accelerometer to control the ball and avoid being pushed all the way to the top by four moving walls. Henrique chose to undertake this challenging game and have to code in some basic game physics in collision!

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Basketball Game App

Created By: Aadi Age: 12

Aadi loves basketball and he created a simple basketball game where the player and to bring the ball up without touching a moving opponent. Though the gameplay was simple, he showed his understanding of coding mechanics by putting together animation and on-screen game controls.

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