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About Paideia Learning Academy

Be prepared to be challenged intellectually and look beyond to the possibilities.

Founded by a team formerly from Raffles Institution (RI), and made up of both Heads of Departments and teachers, we believe that good education should not be limited to a few, but should be shared with the many.

At Paideia Learning Academy, we believe in educating the whole person for society. Apart from providing tutorial classes in English, GP, Humanities, Math and the Sciences for primary, secondary, junior college and integrated programmes (IP), we prepare our students for society as well as for the future through our computing and other enrichment programmes.

We take pride in crafting high-quality lessons and providing only the best tutors for our students. Our team includes former subject and department heads from the top schools in Singapore. We are recognised experts in our fields and know what it takes to bring out the best in our students and push the boundaries of their learning.

Our philosophy is to meet every student at his or her present stage of learning and embark on a journey together to the next level and beyond. With deep experiences in delivering differentiated learning, our dedicated team provides customised sessions to meet every need, unpacks school-taught content, and reconstructs that content in a simple way, before guiding the students to new horizons.

To ensure quality delivery, our tutors are constantly reviewed and monitored through informal and formal lesson observations.

Find your strengths, fine-tune them, and take flight with our team.
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Our Focus

We believe in nuturing the whole child


Critical thinking is a fundamental cornerstone of the 21st century skillset that any global citizen needs to have. All our lessons are geared towards developing good critical thinking habits in each subject area. Concepts and tools that allow for deep learning and understanding to take place will prepare our students for life beyond school.


In line with the government’s push in developing skills for the future, we believe that students need to be supported to help them make good choices in education, training and their careers. Gone are the days of the one size fits all approach and that the only path to success is via the sciences. Our enrichment programmes are geared towards developing our students for society and our experienced mentors are able to guide and support them in a quickly changing world.


As part of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) push, we believe that the future will be in computer science. It is an interest based area that we are nurturing and cultivating. Whether you are curious and need a little guidance to start you on your journey or if you are keen on really learning the nuts and bolts to build and create, what you learn in our computing classes will take you beyond.

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